What’s All This?

Hello Chelsea.

I want to feel like I’ve done London.

Like I know everything about it. Like I can wander from Green Park to Piccadilly Circus and not get lost.

How will I know when I’ve done London? I’m looking to the experts for help. And when my go-to blog Londonist called Time Out’s “1000 Things To Do In London” one of the best guides to the city for noobs and adopted Londoners alike, I knew I was set.

1000 London things! Who could know the city better than someone who had accomplished that task?

Ground Rules: We’ll be following Time Out’s guide to London Things, but not to a T.

I also picked up a copy of Tom Jones’ wonderful “Tired of London, Tired of Life,” which highlights a thing to do in the capital every day. These Things will be sprinkled throughout this mission.

  1. The Things can be done in any order.
  2. If the Thing costs more than £50 per person (and doesn’t involve food), it can be crossed off the list and substituted for another Thing.
  3. Things that have already been ticked off the list do not necessarily have to be revisited, but will be written about.
  4. The Thing must be sufficiently London-y. Although I’m sure Thing #276: Learn Aikido, an ancient Japanese martial art, is a good time, it’s not something I need to do while I’m in London.

Perhaps when I move to Japan… (just kidding, family!)

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